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SwissGyro V2 ready to fly, Dec 27, 2008.jpg
Uebersicht SwissGyro V2, Dez 27, 2008.pdf
X-UFO with SwissGyro,shown by UFO Doctor, Foto as@schrell.de.jpg


Descriptions of the videos 2 to 26.pdf
Infos zum Abspielen der Videos auf XP und LINUX, Sep.12, 2008.pdf
Video 21, Serial Nr 13, Dynamic flight, Aug 20th, 2008 .mp4
Video 22, VEDA at Technorama, April 3rd, 2009.AVI

Video 26 P_P BL-mod with SG and Yaw

Video 6, First Flight with SwissGyro Serial Nr.11, Apr 21th, 2008

Videos 17 to 20, SG Serial Nr 13 at a windy day, Aug. 4th, 2008

Videos 2 to 4, SwissGyro V5_3 Prototyp

Videos 23 to 25, by Paul UK, Plottermeier and Swiss Gyro

Videos 7 to 11, SwissGyro Nr 12_16 at Uni Bern, June, 2008


Tutorial for X-UFO to BL modifications

Zu SwissGyro

Recent other Projects

LTspice 2024 LM393 und LM358 auf W10 und W11 mit eigenem Pfad.pdf
PCB Bild in Fusion360 einfügen.pdf
Thermostat for China Levitation System.pdf

Advice for 3D printing

Alu Tablar für Aussenbereich

BFH Duck Project

    0. Infos to Video.pdf
    00 Final comments.odt
    01. Introduction to the Duck Project.pdf
    02. Das Enten Projekt (in German).pdf
    03. Principle of DC-Motor Control by PWM.pdf
    04. Tutorial PLL Design (in German).pdf
    05. EXCEL PLL Calc for FSK at 40kHz.xlsx
    06. Tutorial Band Pass Filter.pdf
    07. EXCEL Bandpass Calc for FSK at 40 kHz.xlsx
    08. First PLL Experiments on Duck Project at 8kHz.pdf
    09. Investigation of standard Electret Mics in the Ultrasonic Range.pdf
    10. Experimental Results with BP and PLL at FSK 23 kHz.pdf
    11. Noise and Sensitivity Investigation in FSK 23 kHz range.pdf
    12. Experiments with UST 40 kHz Ultrasonic Speaker and Mics.pdf
    13. Band-Pass Report 40 kHz (and PLL check).pdf
    14. Experiments 40 kHz FSK 2 Percent.pdf
    15. Conversion of ultrasonic transducers.pdf
    16. How to control Mama Duck and Baby Duck in reverberation conditions.pdf
    17. First Outdoor Test of the Ultrasonic Distance Measuring System.pdf
    18. Indoor and Outdoor Experiments with Burst and FSK Acoustic Signals.pdf
    19. Concept with FSK all 88msec and inverted delay measurement.pdf
    20. Experiments with Kobitone Mic and Speaker.pdf
    21. First Experiments with 4-Quadrant Speaker and Mic.pdf
    22. Investigation on Direction Detection.pdf
    23. Outdoor Experiments with UST Speaker at 7.2 and 11.4 V and vertical UST Mics with reflectors and Kobitone Mics.pdf
    24. Video Mama Duck walking an 8-shape path.AVI
    25. Distance measurements with RC Mama Duck in an almost free area and Noise Investigations.pdf
    26. Experiments with Duc023-026, UST Kobitone Speakers and Mics.pdf
    27. Investigation on vertical Kobitone Mics in FSK range 37 to 42 kHz.pdf
    28. Direction Detection.pdf
    29. Investigations on synchronous runs of two ultrasonic receiver circuits and first results on direction detection..pdf
    30. Investigation on Direction Finding by Rotation of the Head of Baby Duck.pdf
    31. Investigation of the Acoustic Shadow Zone.pdf
    33. Distance and Direction Test for Miru.pdf
    34. Comparison Duc041 with Duc040 and new Mic Positioning Proposal.pdf
    35. Fast Long Range Run Outdoors with Duc042.pdf
    36. Preliminary Summary Ultrasonic Distance and Direction Measuring System.pdf
    37. Direction Finding in the Near Zone with arbitrary Baby Head orientation.pdf
    39. Single Transistor Amplifier with Low- and High Pass,.pdf
    40. Low Noise, Classic Two Stage Transistor Preamplifier.pdf
    41. First autonomous run of Baby Duck, April 14th, 2012.mpg
    42. Second autonomous run of Baby Duck with Duc049.mpg
    44. Detection of wrong PLL Signals V1.pdf
    45. Investigation on Modified Single and Standard Single and Dual Mics.pdf
    46. Sensitivity and Polarity Test on Mics, In- and Outdoor Investigations.pdf
    47. Exp_1_May_2012 with Q-Detection_Tail.AVI
    47. Quality Indicator Problem with two Mics at two PLL.pdf
    48a. Baby Turns in Front of Mama.AVI
    48b. Mama with 4 Quadrant speaker.AVI
    48c. Mama with 6 Direction Speaker.AVI
    49. Quality Indicator Problem with two Mics at two PLL.pdf
    50. Investigation on Stability of Direction Detection.pdf
    51. Direction Investigation.pdf
    52. Ultrasonic Sound Propagation and Processing.pdf
    53. PCB FSK008 Test Report with Outdoor Results.pdf
    54. Indoor and Outdoor Experiments with Multihorn 1.pdf
    55. Indoor and Outdoor Investigation on Multihorn Ear with Rear Horn.pdf
    56. Experiments with Omnidirectional Mic Multihorn 2.pdf
    57. Program Duck056 Parameter Evaluation at Indoor 1 m Distance Test.pdf
    58. Speaker Characteristics.pdf
    59. Video Nov 17, 2012, Duc064.cont
    59. Video Nov 17, 2012, Duc064.mp4
    59. Video Nov 17, 2012, Duc064.tmb
    60. Investigation on Gear DC Motor SONTH.pdf
    61. The Trigger Delay Device, a little Time Machine V5.pdf
    62. Heavy Duty Switch.pdf
    63. Distance & Proximity, CrossCorrelation, Draft 2.pdf
    64. Travail de semestre - Xavier Mauron F3b.pdf
    65. Duck project Technorama Presentation.pptx
    66. Longhorn Experiments with asymetric Mouht and Internal Air chamber V2.pdf
    67. V2 Longhorn Experiments with camouflage mesh.pdf
    68. Memoire de Bachelor - Xavier Mauron F3b.pdf
    69. Video My Robotic Duck, July 4th, 2013.MP4
    69. Video My Robotic Duck, July 4th, 2013.cont
    69. Video My Robotic Duck, July 4th, 2013.tmb
    70. Duck Drive Components in Endurance Test.pdf
    71. 2nd Duck Drive Components in Endurance Test.pdf
    72. 3rd Duck Feet Endurcance Experiments-2.pdf
    73. Ligth Direction Sensor with PSD-1.pdf
    74. Realistic Baby Head with Eyes and Ear.pdf
    75. Acoustic and Optical Results V2.pdf
    76a. These de Bachelor_AngelozFrederic.pdf
    76b. Code source du programme AngelozF.pdf
    76c. Video Baby Duck.cont
    76c. Video Baby Duck.mp4
    76c. Video Baby Duck.tmb
    76d. Presentation.pdf
    77. Optical Direction Detection.pdf
    78. IR Opto Preamplifier and ambient light filtering V3.pdf
    79. OrangeRX Connector and Lipo Recipient with Interlock.pdf
    80. Calculations for Timer 555.xlsx
    81. Optical Direction and Distance V1.5.pdf
    82. Direction Sensing by Phase Discrimination.pdf
    83. Short US-Bursts for Direction Sensing.pdf
    84. US-Direction Sensing with high Q Band Pass Amplifier V1.1.pdf
    85. US Speaker and Mic Characteristics.pdf
    86. Acoustic Direction Finding.pdf
    87. Low Power Divider for Direction Discrimination.pdf
    88. Direction Detection by acoustical and optical sensor data acqusiton.pdf
    89. Experiments with Step Down Converter.pdf
    90. Transmitter and Receiver for 1A Opto Pules and Experimental Results.pdf
    91. Class E Amplifier for UST-40 Speaker.pdf
    92. Automatic Rotating Stage for Sensor investigtions.pdf
    93. IR PWM Generator 15.6kHz, 9 W and US FSK Generator 40kHz, 0.2W Draft 1.0.pdf
    94. Direction Measurement by Phase Discrimination and Distance Measurement by FSK Draft 1.pdf
    95. Experiments with Opto and FSK by Arduino Nano, Miru Program Duc082 Draft 1.3.pdf
    96. Optical Direction Measurement with Quality Indicator.pdf
    97. Instructions for Orange R615X.pdf
    98. Final Simulation US and Opto Bandpass.pdf
    99. Light and Sound Tower.pdf
    B 100. First Mama Experiments with Duc085.pdf
    B 101. Bachelorthesis F.Kottelat, Dec 3rd, 2015.pdf
    B 102. Ultrasound 40 kHz Preamplifier and Band Pass Experiments.pdf
    B 103. Low power, low noise 97 dB amplifier.pdf
    B 104. Experiment with Dual IR-Diodes.pdf
    B 105. Fish Eye Experiments.pdf
    B 120 Opto-US BP Amplifier.pdf
    B 128. Baby Duck Head Sensors with lock-in mechanics.pdf
    B 129. Baby Head Shell.pdf

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